Tsimane, Bolivia - Fishing reports for Weeks 14 and 15 of 2019

Tsimane reports a great week 14 including some thrilling action and continued success with big fish on the surface while week 15 was more technical with the lower water but the biggest fish of the season was caught.

Secure Lodge Fishing Reports

Week 14 - September 20-26, 2019

It was a great week at Secure for our seven guests.

This week was a thrilling one. We had a lot of excitement on the water taking on pacu, dorado, and yatorana. These fish took everything from dry flies to streamers and aggressively destroyed flies, wires, and leaders. Time after time, our guests experienced the absolute excitement of jungle fly fishing the Brazilian Amazon.

We hooked 28 pacu and landed 13 — most of them on small streamers, and two were caught on fruit imitations. Two of the pacu got up to 20 pounds.

We continued to have great success with catching dorado on dry flies. A 22 pounder was one of the many fish that came to the surface to take a fly. This kind of experience is one you’ll never forget.

Week 15 - September 27 – October 3, 2019

It is almost the end of the season, and it has been a bit dry with only a little rain during the four months. The water is very low (which demands very technical fishing), but despite the challenge, everyone experienced great dorado and pacu action this week.

This time we welcomed a group of six anglers — all from U.S. and hosted by Meredith.

Among the many highlights, we had a new grand slam upstream that consisted of a dorado, a pacu, and a yatorana. We also had incredible opportunities and hookups on feeding frenzy situations, and every angler landed a pacu. Anglers had success fishing with dry flies downstream from the lodge, even catching an amazing 23-pound dorado on the surface with a big cicada imitation.

A fun week!

Pluma Lodge Fishing Reports

Week 14 - September 20-26, 2019

With ideal weather conditions and very low and clear water, we had another week of catching big fish. Anglers caught eight fish over 20 pounds as well as many smaller dorado and some nice pacu.

In the crystal clear upper sections, anglers sight cast to and landed a few decent fish, Jim landed a 20-pound fish there. The Itirizama was even more clear, and it was there that Erick sight cast to and landed a fish that was in the 20s.

The low and clear water in the lower sections of the Pluma made it easy to fish structure. We caught four fish over 20 pounds as well as two big pacu.

Week 15 - September 28 – October 5, 2019

It was great to welcome back our long-time friend Jako, who hosted this trip. Jako brought Eugene, Ferdinand, Brian, and Louie from South Africa, as well as Diane, Chris, Matt, and Mike from the U.S. 

The weather continued to be perfect until we had rain at the headwaters on Thursday, which made the fishing challenging on the last day.

We had great fishing in terms of quality again, with more than 10 fish over 20 pounds landed during the week, including one by Mike in very tough conditions on the last day. Every stretch of the river was productive, and the upper sections were very technical, as usual. However, this did not stop Jako from sight casting to and landing the biggest fish of the season in this section — a resident dorado estimated at 40 pounds!

Agua Negra Fishing Reports

Week 14 - September 21-28, 2019

Brian, Chuan, David, Kavan, and John joined us for a great week at Agua Negra.

The weather was good throughout the week with very high temperatures and low water. The heat slowed down the fishing some afternoons but otherwise, we had great fishing. The main river fished really well — mostly in the upper part where we caught some very big fish, including some very nice Dorado and four Pacu.

We camped for two nights on the Upper Agua Negra. These were some wonderful nights of enjoying the jungle.

The biggest fish of the week was caught by Brian, and it was a 27-pound dorado on the Upper Secure.

Week 15 - September 29 – October 5, 2019

Last week we were joined by five friends from Norway, who visited Tsimane for the second time. Vidar, John, Rolf, Simon, and Øystein all enjoyed an amazing week at Agua Negra. 

We spent most of the week fishing the Agua Negra and the Chimoro and two days on the main Secure River. We had a mix of weather during the week, with some rain, and we didn’t really have any hot days. 

Changes in the pressure caused the fish to move and start feeding, and sure enough, we landed a really good number of big fish, including some very nice pacu. We also had a really good day fishing for yatorana and medium-sized dorado on dry flies on the upper sections of the Chimoro. 

The biggest fish of the week was caught by Rolf, and it was a monster 35-pound dorado on the Lower Agua Negra.

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