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Fly fishing: The most popular fly fishing in the United Kingdom is probably the beautiful chalkstream of the south of England with the Test and Itchen being the most famous. Lazy days in the May sunshine while the mayfly flutter off the water and the trout lose their heads is something everyone wants to and should experience. But the season does not end there, the fishing arguably becomes more interesting, and the summer surroundings grow ever more beautiful. There are also opportunities for salmon and sea trout fishing in the lower reaches of these rivers.

Moving further north, there are the classic streams of Derbyshire based around Haddon Hall in the Peak district. This fishing is all wild, so the fish are smaller, but the surrounding wildflower meadows are no less. Famous Beats like the Duke’s Beat (named after the Duke of Rutland) are the stuff of legends and a day in the sunshine with lunch and dinner on the river makes for a truly memorable experience. Rivers like the Lathkill, Derwent, Wye are about as classic as one will find.

Game shooting: From the north of Scotland to the tip of Cornwall, the United Kingdom basks in the tradition of driven game shooting. Frontiers has been advising guests for over five decades. With our resident UK team, we have never been better placed to look after our clients in this modern era.

We offer a full-service experience from advice on gun fitting and storage; gun rental; clothing and tuition; proportional training or driver/loader/instructors with vehicles as well as shoot locations, accommodation and licensing. We are able to look after guests from start to finish and do so year after year.

We recommend speaking to us directly about your plans to visit the UK but to make understanding the shooting easier we have split the season into three sections; grouse shooting, early season (September and October) and late season (November to the end of January) and our Pre-trip Information is also designed for these seasons to cover appropriate clothing and equipment for expected weather conditions. Shooting in the UK is eternally popular with everyone therefore for widest possible choice we recommend beginning to plan for the next season in February or March to shoot that autumn.

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Stalking (Deer Shooting)

Traditional hunting areas covering the 6 main species and others.

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Grouse Shooting (Aug - Dec)

Most agree that driven grouse is the pinnacle of driven game shooting

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Driven Shooting - Main Season (Nov - Jan)

The heart of the pheasant shooting season

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Driven Shooting - Early Season (Sept - Oct)

Driven grouse, partridge, pheasants and duck - the season gets underway...

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Our Services

We do not just arrange shooting, there is a whole lot more we can do for you...

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How to speak 'driven shooting'

Understanding the terminology within driven shooting...

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The Chalkstreams

The home of upstream dry fly and nymph fishing...

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Haddon Estate

Some of the UK's best wild trout fishing...

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South Tyne, North Pennines

Escape to the Pennines for some truly beautiful salmon and trout fishing.

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