Week 15 Report on Ponoi

And the Fall Run Continues...

Last week’s fishing could certainly not be described as “easy”. The condition of the river was close to ideal and the weather was good, and by all indications the “catching” should have been comparatively easy. That said, though guides and anglers were seeing fresh fall-run salmon moving up the river, it seemed that the fish were not interested in stopping. There are few circumstances in salmon fishing more frustrating than seeing fish in number but finding them unwilling to take. It is these moments, though, that are occasionally rewarded with an eat, and when that eat comes the reward is all the sweeter. There is simply nothing as exciting as hooking a fresh Ponoi fall-run salmon.

The start of the week was slow, with 39 fish landed on the first day. Fortunately, the situation improved daily, and on the last day of fishing our anglers landed 63 fish. The conditions and the “taking mood” of our fish improved steadily, and our guests were excited to experience the increased opportunity to lean back against the strength of some Ponoi silver.

Once again this week we had several guests catch their first Atlantic salmon, namely as John B. and Steven H. We were also graced with the presence of several guests who have not only been fishing for Atlantic salmon for some time, but who have been doing so in Ryabaga. Indeed, there were new friendships forged and old friendships revisited, as is so often the case in our village on the tundra.

One factor to be highlighted this week was the average size of the fresh fish that were taken. James H. landed a 20 lb. chromer, as did Enric S.; both were magnificent fish. We also had several fish in the high teens, and 86% of the bright fish caught this last week were above the 10 lb. mark; these were impressive stats indeed. We are pleased to note that the Fall Run is just getting stronger, giving us more cause to for gratitude. We are grateful a tough but rewarding past week, as we continue to be grateful for what we know still lies ahead of us. We are grateful the chance to spend this time on such a magnificent river, with people who sincerely appreciate how marvelous and special the Ryabaga Camp experience is. With that are grateful for the Fall Run, which grows stronger with each passing day; it remains the strongest Fall Run of any Atlantic salmon river in the world.

With Gratitude and Tight Lines,

Agustin C. Lo Greco

Ryabaga Camp Manager   


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